Cleft Palate Puppy / Kitten Fostering

I will take any cleft palate baby animal that is unable to nurse from mom. I am willing to assume legal ownership or foster while you come up with funds and a surgical plan. ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE!! Please do not euthanize these babies!

Vet Tech Services

Price varies
Ear Cleaning  Anal Gland Expression Subcutaneous Fluids
Oral/Inject-able Medications 24/7 Access to Veterinarian
Diabetic Pet Care Neonate Care and Feeding

In Home Exotic and Small Animal Boarding

Price varies
Reptiles, exotics, small mammals Snakes, lizards, frogs, hamsters, gerbils, Guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, flying squirrels, sugar gliders, rats, mice, some birds.


Price varies
Bird wing, nail, beak trimming
Nail trimming on Cats, dogs, rabbits, Guinea pigs, reptiles, and any other animals that have nails.

Pet Sitting

Price varies

Dog Walking

Duration varies • Price varies

Pet Taxi

Price varies
Transportation available to veterinary/
grooming/etc appointments